Recommendatios for a Hot Yoga class in Bogotá, Colombia


A Hot Yoga class is usually done in a heating room –forced air or heating panels- in which ideal temperature would be around 40°C. Styles may vary but the most commons ones are Bikram and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. In order to do a good Yoga practice, it’s important to know how and what things might affect the development of your practice.

  1. Don’t eat before the class! –You will feel the arepa coming out from the throat. Not nice.
  2. Hydrate well before/after the class –Remember to drink plenty of water prior to the practice.
  3. Forget about everything else –When you are in class there is no exterior world. No cellphone, no calls, no traffic, no family. Only your interior world will be present in class.
  4. Worry not about altitude -Just focus on the breathing. If you feel it, you feel it.
  5. Set an intention for the practice –A strong motive becomes a strong practice
  6. Arrive on time –Classes start on time so be sure to estimate parking nuances in Bogotá
  7. Let your expectations go away –You don’t know how your body/mind will react so let go
  8. Be sure to know the proper dressing for a Hot Yoga class –no cotton things most likely

Evolation yoga offers showers, lockers and both car and cycling parking at both of their locations in calle 80 and calle 97. More can be found at

Finally remember to have fun and enjoy the class. Remember this or you will suffer.



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