Hot Yoga Bogotá -what’s all the fuzz about


There’s no doubt that Yogis all around western society have been increasing their numbers on the mat. It’s no wonder that the new alternative called Bikram or Hot Yoga has landed to stay in one of the most promising countries of latin America. I’m talking about Colombia papá.

Bikram Yoga or  Hot Yoga [1] is a style that is made of 26 postures + 2 breathing exercises in a heated room 40°C. WTF does that means? It means that you will be exercising your ass while working on your internal organs, muscle sores, backpains and mental health. This is Yoga not Yogurt.

Yoga is all about compressions, breathing, stretching of the body, while learning letting go of pain and stress in the mental, emotional and physical domains of the human being.

This is not an easy job, though. The classes demand a level of things that will put you up to your limits. So take it easy at the beginning. Don’t try to force yourself too much. Always remember to have fun at Yoga even though it’s possible you want to kill the teacher at some point of the class. It’s normal. We as teachers now (wink).


We live in a chaotic world (Bogotá is demanding). There is chaos around us and there is chaos inside us. Yoga has been proved to be the most beneficial exercise through more than 5.000 years for improving the life in so many ways it cannot be described with words. More and more Yogis can practice at our facilities located in two excellent locations in Bogotá. Evolation Yoga offers a wide range of services + special promo for newcomers – 7 consecutive days for 39.000 COP.

Forge a new body and a new mind through the heat at 40°C in:

-Christian Langebeck

[1] Any style of HathaYoga (ashtanga, vinyasa, power) can be done in a heated room. However it’s most commonly that Hot Yoga is done by the Bikram Yoga style.

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